You might find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your home… FAST. It could be based upon a new job offer/relocation, a personal choice based on environment or community, or any other reason that might be true for you. While putting a house up on the market can be a stressful experience in a regular selling situation, it can be exponentially more difficult when the sale needs to be expedited.

Here at Keller Williams Realty of Greater Dalton we take pride in offering our clients exceptional service, and aim to assist them throughout these life-changing processes. If you are in a bind and need to sell your property fast, consider choosing the Realtors at KW to assist in this changing time period. Feel free to contact us at any point during or after this post to see how we can help! Read on to learn more about the process (along with some tips) of how to sell your current home ASAP.

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Key Differences Between A Normal Listing and an ‘ASAP’ Listing

When putting up your property for a quick sale, it is important to approach it with a different mindset than if you had “all the time in the world”. Selling a house quickly by using regular strategies and tactics will lead to added and unneeded stress because the listing will attract buyers with less of a sense of urgency, just for example. Keeping in mind these key differences can be the difference between moving onto your next location/project, or staying attached to the house unwillingly.


When you need to sell your property quickly, it is important to reflect that motivation into the listing price. By looking at comparable properties around the area, picking a competitive price (or in this case, a potentially lower price) will position your property for sale. If you try to price above the local market, your listing will sit on the market for much longer.

This can be an unfortunate scenario to be in, especially if you have previously put renovations and upgrades into the property. When pricing a house to sell, you will often have to eat the costs of these renovations, because buyers will not factor this into their assessment of your property versus others. Buyers are looking for the best deal to them, so if your home has had renovations done but is priced similarly to those surrounding it, you will be in a better position to close on the deal over your competitors.

Consulting with a realtor before listing your property can help gather a sense of the current market and how to price something that won’t sit in purgatory for months or even years. If you think you might need assistance in strategic pricing, be sure to contact the Realtors at KW for assistance and consultation.

Transaction Type

Now that your property has been placed on the market with appropriate pricing, you may run into another type of issue that holds you back from closing the deal. Selling and buying a house can come in different forms of transactions, some of which close much faster than others.

The quickest route to closing a deal and moving onto whatever is calling you involves an all-cash deal. Cash deals tend to close the quickest, have less paperwork, and deliver the full amount for instantaneous gratification. While cash offers are quick, they often trade off convenience with discounts. All-cash offers will generally put in an offer lower than the asking price, occasionally noting that it is the best and final offer. Although the property will sell for less than anticipated, there are benefits of this type of transaction. While you might not have power over pricing negotiations, you can weigh the non-monetary perks of the deal. These deals close in 30-days or less and oftentimes waive a lot of typical seller’s fees (including inspection fees). 

If you are in a bind to relocate, consider taking the slight loss on pricing in order to complete the transaction before you are geographically relocated.


One important aspect of selling a home quickly involves making the property look like it is not currently inhabited. This is known as staging, because each room is staged to cater to a wide audience based on current interior topics and trends. Buyers will not want to tour a house that has a lot of personal belongings in it, nor will they want to see the remnants of dwelling. Removing all of your personal belongings from the house can be emotionally challenging, physically demanding, and generally time-consuming. However, if you are in need of a quick sale, take some time to properly remove your items from the house in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Once the house has been staged, professional photography can assist in the presentation of the listing, increasing traffic and potential buyers to the property.

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